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Food transition: inventing tomorrow eating

The food transition has already started. We will nevermore eat the way we used to 5, 10, 25 years ago. For each of us, hundreds of purchase and consumption decisions are at stake... Yet the main changes are still to come, we are only at the beginning of the road! There is still so much to invent to create food products with a positive impact from soil and farm to fork, and to support people in embracing the climate change challenges and in making their own fair choices.

At Sorgem Advance, our mission is to help food brands build a more sustainable food system, that would become able to maintain the vitality of all stakeholders and of natural ecosystems, while allowing everyone to eat in a fair, healthy and tasty way, with limited waste or pollution.

Working closely with citizen-consumers on our relationship to nature, on the material and symbolic value of food, on how eating delivers pleasure, the brands will be in position to create the new narrations that will make sustainable eating both appetizing and desirable.

I am eager to discuss this with any sustainable food lover! 

Anne-Laure : al.frossard@sorgem.com

Mobilities & services

From mobility to transformative mobilities

Transforming society through the power of brands is a highly inspiring project. 

Mobility and automotive brands are asked to change, and change quicky. They are facing several societal, cultural and technological challenges, all cumulative, and with a magnitude unseen so far.​
I have always been passionate about mobility and I am eager to help brands succeed in dealing with these challenges, for a better society.

From my perspective, 3 major drivers of change must be prioritized:   ​

The shift from an “object” to a “system”: mobility can no longer be restricted to moving passengers and goods from a departure point to an arrival point; mobility is not mere transportation, it is a flow and an eco-system. ​

The shift from a self-centered choice (“my” car, “my” solution, “my” constraints..) to a choice for better and shared mobility uses, taking into consideration global impact. Where mobility used to be spontaneous, it is turning into a planned and conscious pattern ; where users were looking for minimizing transportation time, they are now looking for “maximizing” it, and enriching it with new experiences.

The shift from exclusive, demanding and high-end automotive solutions towards more inclusive technologies, both from a finance and usability perspective​.

Let’s build together the path towards these transformative mobilities. 

Charles: c.goyheneche@sorgem.com​


Caring for Health & Wellness: the transformative matrix of our times

Recent events, whether economic, climatic or sanitary, have revealed the decisive role of Health and Well-being for the proper functioning of our societies. Also, more than ever we need a culture of health that is at the service of natural and human ecosystems, while respecting their diversity and their limits.

This evolution can only take place by collectively relying on new drivers:


Putting Humans back at the center of their body, and helping everyone to rebuild a mutually beneficial relationship with their social and natural environments 


Create the conditions so that everyone can thrive and take care of themselves while respecting their personal, physical, mental, social and economic diversities


Help each brand to unfold its health mission, both confident in the progress of new sciences and sustainable for stakeholders & the health system itself, while securing access for All

At sorgem advance, we are deeply convinced that these challenges hold great opportunities for your brand to play a leading role. So let's define and activate together its distinctive transformative trajectory, in order to meet the challenges of our time!

Catherine: c.dupuis@sorgem.com


Transformative Retail: from selling to transforming !

At sorgem advance, we believe in the transformative power of brands…And if there is a transformative sector by nature, it is certainly Retail! 

Retail is at the crossroads of better production, better consumption and better living. It is at the heart of the preservation and regeneration of ecosystems: the Human ecosystem and more broadly the Life ecosystem...

Retail is also going through a deep cultural transition, which we consider as a fantastic opportunity: the big switch to the service economy. The raison d'être of retailers (in the Food, Beauty, Fashion, Sport fields) is no longer to push products but to transform... Retail brands must become major service brands, offering simple and facilitating experiences that guarantee an effective and positive impact.

It is at this price that they will make the necessary cultural transformations accessible to all and desirable for everyone. I therefore believe in the ability of retail brands not only to “do better” (poke Philippe Goetzmann) but also and above all to do things differently!

Vincent: v.christen@sorgem.com

banking - finance - insurance

Transformative brands to benefit everyone in a sustainable way.

I am deeply convinced that each of these sectors is not only affected by business issues, but also and above all by major societal issues, creating both tensions and opportunities. In my new role at sorgem advance, I'll be tackling the following questions, among others:

  • How can we achieve the necessary digitalization of the banking sector, so that it benefits everyone?
  • How can we strengthen the insurance experience to better conciliate individual fulfillment and collective ambitions?
  • How can we push the transformative vocation of finance and make green finance desirable in order to truly change behaviors?

Those who know me know how natural and obvious it is to find me at SORGEM ADVANCE. I am committed to continuing to support you by leveraging the transformative power of your brands and offers.

Jean-Michel: jm.suleau@sorgem.com

Entertainment & media

Building transformative world representations together

As per the function they have in representing the real world and in creating virtual worlds, actors in the entertainment and media industries have a de facto role that is both political and ideological.

This role is more decisive than ever in the cultural transformations that are to be carried out in its relationship to life and to others.

Faced with the now worn-out 20th-century models and representations, it is a question of giving a transformative impetus to stories, in order to establish the imaginations of tomorrow. 

More specifically, 

  • identifying desirable paths to a constructive outlet
  • rethinking virtual world activities and their expression of reality
  • raising awareness and mobilization on the environmental footprint of digital practices
  • overcoming Manichaean thinking, proposing a more nuanced perspective, and giving voice to those who are never or rarely heard

Together, let’s think of new horizons to make societal transformations desirable.

Vincent: v.christen@sorgem.com